In our school, we are keen to provide the best types of education, the highest moral and religious values upon which we were raised. We seek to instill religious, moral and educational values in this new generation and make it religiously and educationalally distinct, God willing.

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Online Classes for All


In light of the crisis that the world is experiencing with the Corona epidemic, we have created an electronic platform for the school and for all classrooms to continue our giving and for the continuation of the communication process between teachers and students.

Pre-K and K

The school kindergarten includes a group of modern classrooms equipped with the latest educational devices and aids that facilitate the study process for children and help in their interaction and development of their skills.

They have also established Al-Mozn nursery, which is the second home for our children because of the security, protection, love and tenderness it contains

Grades 1-6

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Our school includes the first mixed grades from grade 1 to grade 6 with excellent spaces and modern classrooms equipped with the latest educational technology.

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