Our School

The main purpose of the existence of our school is to provide high-quality academic education at the hands of competent, competent teachers, a distinguished and creative generation under distinguished management and active and influential participation.

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Principal’s Welcome

In the name of Allah

The Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
I am glad to show you through our school's sad website, asking God to fulfill our hopes and make it a blessed year full of achievement.

We are working in our schools in order to create a creative, intellectually conscious generation distinguished morally and scientifically. Therefore, we have been keen to provide a safe educational structure and provide curricular and extracurricular programs and activities in order to achieve our school's vision of building the student’s personality, taking the principle of "learn to be", and we are working to inculcate human and Islamic values ​​in Student personality, love of science and learning, developing and enhancing the capabilities of our children, including the art of public speaking, reading and writing stories.


Our creative team:

I extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to you from the teachers, administrators and workers, for you have carried the trust of the message and your dedication to giving ... and remember the principle of learning by example and learning with love with our dear students, so that learning is continuous and successful.


Let us remember God’s piety is the key to success and success at work.


Distinguished Parents:

I invite you to contribute and actively participate in achieving the education mission by continuously following up your children, motivating and guiding them, continuous communication with the school administration, participating in submitting suggestions and opinions, and being keen to attend parents' meetings.

I thank everyone who contributed and supported our journey.

Vision & Values

  • Raise the achievement level of our students.

  • Activating positive and effective communication between the school administration and parents.

  • Developing the creative and planning skills of our students and activating the teacher's role in education.

  • Developing the student’s personality and highlighting it by highly qualified specialists.

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